Fun Facts/ Highlights of 2016

Sara Mare is a Internet Radio Host on A unique hour. Real people discovering their personal stories, creativity, and exploring current events with a psychotherapeutic perspective. You bring your life. Sara Mare brings the psychology.

Sara Mare is a Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor for National Physique Committee, winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards in 2014-2016. She continues to compete regionally and nationally.

Sara Mare is a novelist and dramatic actress.

Sara Mare is great-grandchild of vaudevillian stars Charlie and May Newman-Brown, who travelled as a renowned comedic song and dance duo until the 1929 market crash; Charlie Brown played the lead in George M. Cohan’s Broadway productions of Yankee Doodle Boy, Little Johnny Jones, & Forty-five Minutes from Broadway.

Sara Mare has appeared as an actress for TV, Film, and Stage.

  • Maggie the Cat in T. Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at Studio Dante, directed by Michael Imperioli (Sopranos).
  • Bonnie in David Rabe’s Hurlyburly at Stella Adler Theatre.
  • Maddie GoToBed in Tom Stoppard’s Dirty Linen at Actors Comedy Club.
  • May in Sam Shepard’s Fool For Love at The Producer’s Club.
  • Stano, lead Angela opposite Burt Young (Rocky) by Robert Bruzio in association with John Avildsen (Rocky) at Michael Imperioli’s Studio Dante.
  • Fine Line, lead Beth opposite Frankie Pellegrino (Carlito’s Way, Soprano’s) by Frank Trepeddi
  • Spaceship, lead Nymph in Mike Stone’s Sci-Fi Musical aired on IFC and Bravo.
  • Black Sunday, lead role Marie, Frank Dauro Productions, NY.
  • Sea of Perdition as astronaut Sly Delta Honey in Richard Stanley’s Warren Comics style sci-fi shot on location in Northern Iceland, premiered at Sitges Horror and Fantasy Fest in Catalonia, Spain.
  • Oh, Come All Ye Faithful Sara’s TV credits are most notably as comedic housewife gone wild in Twisted Sister’s Christmas Rock Videos and Silver Bells have received over a million hits on YouTube and airs seasonally on VH1 and MTV.


Highlights of 2014-2016:

Sara Mare  music video “Lullabye” ( November 18, 2016).

Sara Mare NPC National Figure Athlete placed #4 Figure at Gary Udits National Masters/ IFBB pro Northeasterns Competition, Pittsburgh. (September 1, 2016)

Sara Mare  new song “Sunday Afternoon Redux (feat Dave Sanborn)”   (June 9, 2016).

Sara Mare NPC National Figure Competitor placed #3 Masters Figure  at NPC Garden States, NJ placing her for National Competitions in 2016.(June 3, 2016)

Sara Mare released second CD “Sara” .  (February 14, 2016)

Sara Mare NPC National Figure Competitor placed #2 in the Nation  at Bev Francis’ Team U, NJ.(July 4, 2015)

Sara Mare NPC National Figure Competitor placed #3 Masters Figure at Steve Stone’s Metropolitan, NJ. Placing her for Nationals 2015.(April 2015) 

Sara Mare  music video “Red Devil Trickery.”  (November 2014)

Sara Mare NPC National Figure Competitor placed #7 in the Nationals  at NPC All Americans Las Vegas.(July 2014).

Sara Mare NPC National Figure Competitor placed #3 NPC Atlantic States, NJ. Placing her for Nationals 2015.

Sara Mare  debut 5 song EP CD  “Red Devil Trickery.” Mare’s evocative lyrics In sultry alto with a jazz retro vibe. “Red Devil Trickery” features famous jazz and blues soloists: trumpeter Kenny Rampton (Wynton Marsalis) and hamonicas Rob Paparozzi (Blood, Sweat, and Tears).(March 9, 2014).


For Complete resume and photo contact Sara Mare.




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